Sunday, July 27, 2008

My goodness, what a long time it's been since I've posted!

Since I last commented, I've been to the Southern California Jamboree. The people there sure do know how to put on a conference! Each year the attendance has risen. Great job to all. Especially Paula Hinkle, Charlotte Bocage, and Leo Myers.

If I have not answered any email from you, it is because my email has been lost. Yep. Everything I have received is gone...over 500 emails from people contacting me about research, speaking, or just friendly notes. Please don't think I'm neglecting you -- I just can't contact you! Please do a "resend" of your message.

Have you seen Facebook? What a neat place. There are a bunch of genealogists online and Beau has added tons of pictures from conferences. If ya see Beau with a camera, run!

I'll post again soon.
-- Aunt Merle