Saturday, June 7, 2008

Time flies

My goodness, it's been a month since I've posted.

I've been busy with a lot of client research trips -- plus reports to those wonderful people. It may be a bit discouraging when hiring a researcher. Results are not guaranteed. I wish I could always tell my clients I'll find the missing link, but many times, the information just isn't there.

I was lucky for one client. The information was there in huge amounts. The Ross County Courthouse and Probate Annex in Chillicothe, Ohio, is an amazing place to research. Not only was the staff courteous and helpful, but Janet in the archives went "above and beyond" to help locate the Kilgores and Jamisons. I must have a stack of copies two inches high with all the deeds, wills, estates, inventories, and vouchers/receipts I located there.

The trip also took me to Gallipolis in Gallia County, Ohio. Again, the staff was great as was meeting Henny Evans, the president of the Gallia Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society. She opened the doors of the library on Court Street and was so very helpful.

From Gallia and Ross, my next stop was in London, Madison County. Again, the help at the courthouse was outstanding. I asked for copies and they were made quickly and courteously. I was even given the number for the Madison County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. After the courthouse work, I found my way to the library and lots of great sources there. The two wonderful volunteers helped me locate the materials needed on not only Madison County but also Fayette County.

To the hotel for a good night's sleep, then on to Columbus in Franklin County.

It was not to be. This was the night of all the thunderstorms rolling across the southern part of the state. Hail, wind, and rain were on tap for the night. It seemed to go all the places I'd been during the past few days. Hard hit was Chillicothe in Ross County.

Next day, I didn't start quite as early as I had hoped due to more rain. Finally getting out of London, I made my way to Columbus, only a little more than half an hour away. My great little Tom-Tom (GPS) helped tremendously on the trip. However, it helps to have correct addresses! I found that out as I tried to locate the Franklin County Courthouse. Again, a very kind lady at the local laundramat got the phone book and address...even dialed the number since I left my glasses in the car. Once I had the correct address (note to self, be sure I have the right addresses before leaving home) I was on my way.

Franklin County Recorder's Office was a wonderful place. Again, such helpful staff. As in researching different counties, I needed to learn a new indexing system for the deeds. Just a quick lookover and I was ready to go. I didn't find the missing link, but did supply a bit of extra information for the client.

Back home and reports written to the clients with all the copies.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. Tiring, but fun.

Have you planned a research trip? Even though gas prices may be high, it is still a great time to plan research vacations.

Til next time
-- Aunt Merle

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