Saturday, April 5, 2008

Attending local genealogical societies

How many times is it thought a local genealogical society can't help with research in another area? Or not having any ancestors in the county where you live?

It doesn't make any difference. Local societies have an abundance of items to offer: the main being meetings on methodology. Those meetings help the beginner or even more experienced researcher, look at a new way of interpreting data.

Some sessions may be on different offices in the courthouse: Probate, Clerk of Courts/Common Pleas, Recorder of Deeds/Recorder's Office and Department of Veterans Affairs. Other meetings may focus on newspaper research, blogs, (Yes, blogs!), Podcasts, and library holdings. Field trips offered by the local society can include cemeteries, major libraries, such as Allen County Public in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Check to see if a local society in your area will help in YOUR research. For society listings, check the Federation of Genealogical Societies at

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